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Frequently Asked Questions



What happens during the consultation?


On your first visit Julie will take a detailed medical history, including information about any medications you may be taking, any recent scans or blood tests. Julie will then carry out a physical assessment for which you will need to undress to your underwear. This will allow her to make a full diagnosis, to discuss with you the most appropriate treatment plan and to estimate the likely number of sessions needed to treat your condition effectively.


Treatment usually starts by relaxing and stretching muscles and relieving stiff joints through gentle massage and rhythmic joint mobilisation. The choice of techniques applied will depend on your particular problem. 



Do I need to see my GP before booking my appointment?


Most patients 'self refer' to an osteopath for treatment. Although referral by a GP is not necessary, patients are encouraged to keep both their GP and osteopath fully informed, so that their medical records are current and complete and the patient receives the best possible care from both healthcare practitioners. Osteopaths are skilled in diagnostic techniques and trained to identify when a patient needs to be referred to a GP.



How many treatments will I need?


This really depends on your symptoms and your general health and fitness. Some people only need 2 or 3 treatments. Others, with more long-standing or complex problems may need more. Some patients have a treatment every few months just to keep symptoms at bay. Feel free to discuss this with Julie at your first appointment so you can agree on a management plan that suits your needs.

For appointments: Call Julie on 07967 666 169 or email:

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